Let us remember….

We once were hippies.

We had our flowers.

We believed we could live together.

We shared what we had.

It was love, baby, love.

Ok, and a few enhancing bouquets for our minds.

If you remember those days, you are getting a tad bit old, friend.

And if you don’t, well, you missed the love fest of the century.

Today is another story.

Not as cozy, for sure.

We take sides.

We criticize.

We hide in our shells, rather than venture out into the world of strangers.

Our trust is gone.

We are afraid.

We lock our doors.

We accumulate material things.

We love our little cocoons.


Yeah, ok.

On a phone, on the internet, on social media….

And on occasion, a face to face event, as long as we record each other, on selfies.

Ok, so I exaggerate.

Do I want to go back to the 60s?


Do I think I am still a hippie?


But I am what I am, with all experiences, my history and my stories.

An accumulation of times gone by, of what is happening now, and if I am fortunate enough, I will be here tomorrow to experience life, whatever it has to offer.

Hope you enjoyed today.

Hope you remember the past, fondly.

And may the rest of your week be a fabulous experience on your journey through life.




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