Some days are diamonds…..

Well, today was a cubic zirconia.

Not sure if it was my attitude

Or if it was my attitude.


So after 8 or 9 hours of defying the odds, I escaped to my island in the sun…

Ok, the rain.

And had 2 margaritas.

When I left, I listened to Tom Petty singing, “you got lucky babe.”

I won’t cry in my beer about a day that went a little crazy.

Instead I will think about the positive things that happened today.

Hot coffee from DD.

Heather and brussels sprouts.

Scottie and the horse with no name.

Gabriel.  That cutie wootie grandson of Pat’s who loves blue ice from Rita’s.

Turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce and biscuits for lunch.

Gina:  Just because.  She always makes me feel good.

Kyle’s beard.  Nice one.

Donna:  Oh yeah.  I can see her laughing her ass off, but in a quiet way.

Oz:  How can one kid know everything?

Rachael:  Always available, always supportive. Thanks for being you.

Mcat:  Gets the job done….. whatever it takes.

Barb:  To the rescue, no matter what craziness happens.  Is that why you are called crazy nana?

Liz:  How do you put up with all of us?

Greg, Kim and Rob:  I think you rock.

Dana:  What would we do without you?  Amazing!

Mary M  (Howie’s girl):  Love the way you follow up and communicate with all of us.

Shirley, Arnaldo and Kevin:  You really did the impossible today.

Kat:  Love the way you take on those challenging jobs…. not to mention the big payouts.

Ok, so maybe it was a diamond day.

If only I had adjusted my attitude, I would have realized that.

Shame on me.



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