Humping my way through the day.

Battling with my CSR peers in Wisconsin.

Voicing my opinions.

Trying to do the right thing.

Not really pleasing anyone.

Not even myself.

Feeling strangely about the lack of activity, no phones ringing, no wild frenzies.

Busy?  Yes, but not busy about fresh new ideas, innovation and future business.

Trying to do the right thing, while wondering if there is a better way….

Spending my time fixing problems

Spinning my wheels.

Inside, I ache to move out of this bubble, to explode, to move forward.

To partner with sales.

To collaborate with production.

To establish a trust worthy relationship with customers.

Win, win, win.

Everyone wins.

And at the end of a Wednesday, we all come together and feel good about the future:

Success for our customers, our employees and our company.

See you on thirsty Thursday.

We shall keep drinking, my  friends, until we get it right.



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