Mail call:

Jury duty.

Oh, not for me.

For Jimmy.

Now, how does that work?

I considered the following:

Taking his ashes to the court room in Reading, PA.

Answering the jury questionnaire as someone who died.

Calling the Gov of PA and letting him know that one of his constituents has passed on, but the state doesn’t seem to know that.

Tearing up the summons.

Waiting for the cops to arrive, to haul Jimmy off to jail.

Doing nothing.

Ask a friend to show up with Jimmy, in the purple bag.

After some consideration, I decided to have a few beers while the cats and I devised a plan:

Ignore it.

After all, who really cares if a warrant is out for Jim’s arrest.

I will tell them I haven’t seen him in 6 months.

They may want to check with us:  Half Pint, Puff Daddy and Chicken Butt.

We have no knowledge of anything worth reporting:

P Daddy runs around with a squirrel tail and will eat only liver and chicken.

Half Pint, better known as Oh Wow is hooked on food, treats and life.

And the Cx Butt?  She is a crazy bar fly.

Lots of luck, finding Waldo, Dorey or Jimmy.






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