I love it when the 6 Chris’s are lined up at the bar.

I wobble in and in my fabulous demure voice whisper:  “Hi Chris!”

Wait a minute now.

You don’t know these Chris characters, until you have met them.

There is Mechanic Chris:  Oh yeah! Quite the ladies man. He can fix anything on your chassie, while serenading you on his guitar.

Then the Electric Chris, the elusive one.  Blink your eye and he is off on his bike.

What a sweet heart the caterer is.  Comes in, has a beer, and leaves. Smart guy.  I wish he would stay, as Jackson Browne says, “just a little bit longer.”

There is a new Chris in town:  LD and Chris.  Such a hunk.  Young, handsome and fun.

Ok that makes 4.

Oh yeah.

Mr and Mrs Chris.

Not sure which one I like better.

Mrs?  Such an animal lover.  Always low key, if you don’t know her.  But when you do:  Dynamite!

And Mr?  Well now, how many people have you ever met who makes you feel wonderful?  Mr. Chris has that charisma and charm.  And the best part?  He doesn’t know it.

Tonight?   3 of the Chris’s were there.

It was a fabulous night.

Can’t wait til all 6 show up.

Guess what I will say?

Yeah, you got it:

“Hello Chris!”






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