Things that made me laugh today:

A little wind up chicken appeared on my desk this morning. Wind him up, he races around like a mad hatter.  Thanks, Don!  I had a blast with that crazy chick.

The Oh Wow Cat at the water fountain.  He has a daily routine of crying, “oh wow!” before he eats and…. now before he drinks at the home water cooler.  He is such a ham.

The geese waddling across the highway, taking their time, as the traffic backed up.

Glancing at a coworker who had a gold pair of pants on and a “see through” crocheted top.  When she bent over, it looked like ….. well,  like she didn’t have the gold pair of pants on.  Yikes!

Watching a 60 something guy get out of his car, singing, “It’s only rock and roll and I like it”, at 8am, doing his best impersonation of M Jagger.

Making an appointment to see the tax guy. You would not believe the receptionist.  What a crazy dame. We hit it off and laughed til we cried.  Can’t wait for my appointment!

Lost my crown.  Yes, the queen is crown-less.  Woke up. It was gone.  Must have ate it.  Damn.  Now I have to go to the dentist again.

And how was your day?

Hope it was filled with crazy, fun things.

Until tomorrow,








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