Drum roll.

Taxes have been filed.

No refund.

I do not believe in letting the Feds have my money, and then, in April…

Oh my!

A refund!

Hey wait a minute.

That refund is your money.

Did you get interest on it?

Were you able to use it when you needed it?

The US Gov loves to have you allocate $$$ to them during the year.

And then, after using  your money all year, on April 15th?

They graciously give you… your money back.

Yes, I have to pay the Feds.

Well, now…..

Isn’t that special?

I refuse to allocate funds to the Feds for the 12 months I am working, only to get a “refund”.


Money for nothing, chicks for free.

I owe 25% of my income to the USA.

Ok. take it.

But you can’t get it, until April 18, 2017.

Is it worth it?

I think I have to reconsider what really matters.

For now…..

Let’s break out the booze and have  a ball…..

If that’s all there is…


I may have to move to Hackensack….. yak yak yak yak.




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