How does one know when it is time to turn over a new leaf?

Let’s face it.

At some point in life, it must be time to get serious.

So, now that I have aged, like cheese or wine, I am contemplating a life change.

Being a silly goof has its limits.

I could turn into a cantankerous old biddy.

You know the type, old gals who have snooty faces.

And blue hair.

And have no idea how to use a cell phone.

Ok, so I am halfway there.

To hell with that cell phone.

And I wear hats, so who cares if my hair is blue?

And I am the snootiest old bag you have ever encountered.

I love to snoot around and laugh my ass off.

Why, just today, I was out and about on a lovely spring day, sporting pink bunny ears, and a snooty attitude.

Well, not quite.

You see, I haven’t turned the leaf yet.

I spent a few hours laughing and carrying on with a few of the good old boys.

One is single and miserable.

The other? Married and miserable.

You know what?

On second thought, I am not turning that leaf.

I prefer to be crazy.

And happy, living each day, one day at a time.

If I happen to meet you, on my journey, rest assured,

I will not be snooty.




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