You know what they say:

Reflect on the good things, the positive things that happened today.

If you do, every time a bell rings, you will get your wings.

And fly, baby, fly.

  1.  Woke up…. alive.  Now, is there anything better than that?
  2. Fed the cats. Fed the cats., Fed the cats.  Yup, 3 times before I took off for the dunkin joint.
  3. Had a hell of a morning, but managed to take care of all issues.  Let’s fact it, I am awesome sauce.
  4. Nuked brussels sprouts for lunch.  Now I am really de-toxified.  (Confession:  I put butter on them.)
  5. The training session with Luz was fab.  I really like that gal.
  6. Put on my negotiating hat, compromising with my peers in Wisconsin.
  7. Got answers for those obscure folks who, somehow, have my number, and who have no clue what is going on.  I wonder, do I really know?
  8. Heard that my nephew is recovering, slowly, from his 3rd open heart surgery.
  9. At 5pm, walked out to a mild 80 degrees.  Oh Yeah!   Love the warmth!
  10. Met Chis and Chris, Todd, Kelly and Christine for a few hours of sharing whatever we were feeling.

Another fabulous day in the life of the Chicken Butt, who has turned into a bell ringing angel.  Or a damn old bar fly.

You decide….





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