Love it when Colleen and Jimmy get to “discussing’ the current events.

Hyper vs cucumber.

C vs J.

On a rant:  Who said “at least Hitler didn’t use chemicals?”

Is this the new administration?

Oh my my.

Oh hell yes, time to put on my party dress.

N Korea:  Huh?  Why?

Can anyone who is sane comment on why they are committed to nuclear war?

Colleen struts her stuff behind the bar, with wild animation.

Jimmy sits at the bar, with a beer or two, after a long, hard day on the bridge…. construction… and tells Colleen to chill.

I greet everyone who enters the establishment:  “Hi!  Welcome to the Playboy Mansion.”

I have my bunny ears on again.

Yes, the world is a mess.

Yes, it is frightening.

But for Jimmy, Colleen and the Cx B?

Well, we agree that life is short.

And that this could be fake news.

But somehow, the three of us find humor as a way to live through these troubled times.

Thanks, C and J, for the conversation and for trying to make sense of what occurs in the news.

I, for one, have doubts about our future.

And with that, in mind, I hope to see you two again…. soon.

I guess it’s like comfort food.

We are still here, still alive and still smiling.

Thanks, C and J.




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