Drum roll

Cymbals please

Cow bells.

Tom  toms

Let the percussions lead us to the promised land.

Once there, the C Butt and Patti, with their bunny ears, were the stars of the show.

Ok, so what?

Maybe it was the twin peaks.

Or the NY  steak.

Well now, there was Brandon and  his G Grandpa celebrating his 74th b. day.

Life is all about what is happening….not only for you, but what is going on for all those you meet.

Hey, that little kid, Brandon…. He wanted my Chx Butt ring.


That ring is my flashlight, my spark, my gift from Ag.

Hello Aggie!

You rock.

And the ring?

Well, girl, if only you had been there.

Thank you for my Easter Basket.

I love it.

But…. Donna ate my jelly beans.

Some how,  I always watch my beans as they are digested by others.


Does that make any sense?

I hope not.

Good Friday …..tomorrow.

Hoppy Easter, friends.

And yes, Patti!

Let’s go to the wine thing, on Saturday.

You know what?

We always have a good time.

And if not?

Well, then, we can always find our way to the Sands or to Rippers.





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