Hello Carl.

Hello Nora.

Hello Kim.

Hello Bobbie and Chris.

Yes, I had a wild streak and had to wear my Chicken hat.

I went to the Yuppie store and waited in line with the Yups who were not amused with my chx hat.

I moved on to have lunch, and ran into some crazy ass people, including P, R  B and C. along with a hunk a hunk of burning love who is available 24 hours a day, and will do anything you want/need/desire.

Not being a totally sane person, I proceeded to drink myself into oblivion. making a complete axx hole of myself, once again.

Hey! Carl!  What the hell?

I have never seen you here before.

Hey Ray!

Thanks for the Jameson.

Hey, Chicken Butt, yes you., you goofy critter.

Go home.

I did.


I attempted to sit in the computer chair and it toppled over.

You know what?

An aging cougar really should not drink doubles all day.

Well, on second thought: Why not?

What a wonderful time I had today.

And when I grow up?

….. Not gonna happen.

Too late for this Chx. B.

My advice for my friends?

Do what makes you feel good.

Work hard, play hard and go for it.

Just remember: If you drink Jameson and you are Irish….

I can guarantee you will be the life of the party, until you fall flat on your Irish ass.





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