I am convinced that I have a problem.

Let’s see if you agree:

  1.  I love having a good time, where ever I might be.
  2. I talk to my cats, and sometimes, they talk back.
  3. Summer time is my favorite season, especially on the weekends.  I walk out to the deck, with a beer or two and watch the squirrels race around the yard,….. sometimes for hours.
  4. There are very few people I don’t like.
  5. I have no problem going anywhere, by myself. I like being with me.
  6. If I have something, and someone else needs it, it’s theirs.
  7. My favorite music is stuck in the 70s and 80s.
  8. Reading is one of my escapes, along with Titos, Jameson and Coors light.
  9. Harvey and Best in Show are 2 of my favorite movies.  I can watch them until the cows come home.
  10. I stay close to home. If not, I get lost. But if I do, I still have a blast.

Well, at least my problems or issues don’t usually affect anyone other than me, the Oh Wow Cat and Puff Daddy.

You know what?

I think all 3 of us have a problem.

What do you think?




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