You can’t tell a book by its cover.

Or a person you meet by his/her mask.

First impressions?

I really don’t know if those impressions last forever.

But it seems to be a romantic notion that when you meet the right person, something clicks:  Love at first sight.

I have met people who immediately made me feel good, and those whose vibes were a little off.

But given time, we gradually get to know the person behind the mask.

Not everyone is an open book, eager to establish relationships.

Finding a soul mate, or a close friend is a rarity.

It is a wonderful thing when you discover that person who accepts you for what or who you are.

Non judgmental.

It’s ok to disagree.

You find things to laugh about, to share, to support, to defend and even to disagree.

Find silence deafening?

Not with a friend.

It’s ok to say nothing, at times.

It’s ok to just be hanging out.

And it’s ok to act crazy, go on new adventures, and mostly to live and let live.

Today I felt that connection, at work, and at play.

What a great feeling it is, to know that friends are the bond that makes life worth living.

Cheers to all those who make my life a joy.



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