This past week?

At work?

One of the most challenging of all time.

However, tonight is Friday night, and I decided to let it go.

I stopped to chat with the locals, at the first watering hole I encountered, and never left.

Let me tell you how many people I greeted as they walked into the restaurant.

I flipped my dorie hat to all who dared to pass me by.

It was a blast, and a great night.

Bryan and Chris stayed the course, as we bantered back and forth on the state of the union, among other things.

Ok, so I am scheduled to show up at church, Sunday, at 830.

Oh boy.

You know what?

We all need to connect to the spiritual side of ourselves, to complete our self actualization, and all that jazz.

I rarely have that 3rd double, but in honor of the horrendous past week, it was my pleasure to indulge.

Home early.

I could have danced all night.

However, the last thing I remember is being called a lost soul.


Is that what I am?

Time out everyone.

I am on a mission to find myself.

If you happen to encounter me on the way, can you point me in the direction of the next bar?



Some of us are loose cannons.

Some of us are just plain loose.

And most of us are lost souls.

Welcome to my world.




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