Oh no.

It is 7am.

I see Oh Wow is at the door.

Let him in, fed those two goofs and crashed…. back in bed.

Sometimes, Saturdays are for kicking back, sleeping in, and being a goof.

Well, eleven o’clock rolled around, the phone rang, and there I was, hung over.


Oh wow!


2 hours:

Get my ass in gear.

We have a wine party to attend.

And we did.

Great time.

Old friends.

New friends.


And then?

To a hot spot in Hamburg, meeting those unfortunate folks who happened to sit near me.


Nikki and Tom!

And then off to the local bar, where we enjoyed a wonderful  band.
Last dance with Mary J?

Oh yeah!

They nailed it.

Patti and I were spectacular , dancing as fast as we could.

Sneaked out at 8pm.

I resolve on this Saturday night, to grow up and quit being an asshole.


Not just now.

In a few years?


What a fabulous day!



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