For lunch?

I order iced tea.

No sugar.

It is refreshing.

Last Saturday?

How about a Long Island Iced Tea?

Ok. What’s the big deal?
Knocked my socks off.

Sent me twirling and whirling.

A dancing queen.

A total idiot.

And it carried over until Sunday.

Oh the cats.

They were very upset.

Why won’t the Chicken Butt get out of bed?

Well, I finally did, but girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrls, it was painful.

A simple iced tea from Long Island NY invaded my life, rending me useless.

So, after a long, tedious, frenzied day, today, Monday, I considered ordering one.

I didn’t.

But next Monday?

We have declared that on May 1, with Kelly at the helm:

It’s Long Island all the way.

Remind me to ask for next Tuesday off.






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