Can someone please adopt me?

I wander lonely as a cloud.

Ok, so I lied.

I wander, greeting everyone who happens to encounter the deranged c. butt.


Or Nordstrom?

Need a greeter?

Here are my qualifications:



Loves people.

Drinks a bit.

Ok, so I am half in the bag most days.

So what?

I will buy you a drink, just ask me.

I can’t help it.
Running around, I can’t help it.

Cut it out Eric Clapton.

You are as crazy as I am.

Is it Saturday night?

Oh no!  Elton is fighting, as he sings “This is your song.”



The answer is yes.

I will move to SC with you.

And I will be your beast of burden forever.


Is anybody out there?

Is anybody there?


I am comfortably numb.

Running on empty.

Working on a mystery.

Going where ever it leads.


Can we just dance one last dance, Mary Jane?

Don’t fear the reefer.

Good night, all.





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