When you find your servant is your master

A lovely thing happened this morning.

I woke up.


After 12 hours of sleep with 2 cats who invaded my space, along with nightmare after nightmare, I finally got the heck out of bed.

Those nightmares:  way too real.

My own reality show.

I thought about those dreams all day.

And finally, after a night cap or two, my mind has come to grips with my need to move on, to leave those dreams  in the black hole, waiting until the Chicken Butt has another night with those aliens who live with me.

Yes, cats are aliens.

I cannot have a day or night, when I don’t think about them.

Oh no!  A thunder storm.

They will be traumatized.

Oh no, the temps are soaring to 90 degrees.

They will be cats on a hot tin roof.

Oh no.

I stopped for a few drinks.

They will be hungry, starving, waiting for me to open those cans of liver and chicken.

And as soon as I feed them, one goes out.

The other goes to sleep.


So who is in charge here?

The servant becomes the master.

As what’s his name said….. oh yeah, Sting:

I’ll be wrapped around your finger.. or paw… or claw.


I am home.

And for tonight, we are together…

Well…. almost.

Oh Wow is out prowling around.

You know I won’t go to bed, til that beast is staring at me in the front window.

It’s ok.

I will pop open another brew.

And hope I wake up tomorrow…. to do it again.



A view from the top

A long weekend.

Not really.

It felt like it was over in a blink of an eye.

A break from the routine of life is a wonderful thing.

I felt emotions that I had tucked away somewhere, long forgotten.

The ride to the top of the Word Trade:  Wow!  The scenery, overlooking the big apple from the 102nd floor:  Amazing.  The panoramic view of the area:  Spectacular.  It took my breath away.  I was filled with wonder and awe, like Peter Pan, for awhile.

A broadway play:  Fabulous.  It brought out my more serious side, as I got immersed in the Lillian Hellman story of a corrupt family in the South.  A great drama, and one whose story continues on, decades later, and not just in the South.

A gigantic Filet Mignon.  Ok, I have lived in the Midwest, in Nebraska, where the steaks are king.  However, you haven’t had a steak until you try one in a Steak House in the big apple, even if your waiter tries to get you to take him home.

The crowds?  Biggest I have ever experienced.  People weaving their way through the streets, day and night, shoulder to shoulder, working their way to somewhere.  I doubt if it really mattered where they were going.  Somehow it just felt good to be a part of it.

Drinks at our fav bar in Times Square, of course, with Orla.  She is our one constant thing we do when we hit the city.  It would not be the same without seeing Orla for a couple of bloody Mary’s and a parting shot of Irish Whiskey.  If you are wondering, try RedBreast.  But don’t expect to be able to walk on your own. Ha!

Roof top bar on a mild Saturday night, watching the signs blink from Times Square.  Relaxing after a whirlwind of 2 days, laughing and sharing memories.

It was a trip to remember.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

It’s been said that people who live in the city, go to the country for a holiday weekend.  And people who live in the county, often go to the city.  Variety.  Yes.  It definitely is the spice of life.



Here’s to our new Canadian friends!!! Cheers!

The first afternoon of vacation:

Off to the winery.

Did you know it is National Wine day today?

All glasses of wine:  $5.00.

Pair that with cheeses, kabobs, Italian meats, bread dipped in olive oil, garlic and who knows what else….

along with the oozing  grilled cheese, soaked in wine….. and you have the perfect dinner.

Off to the local pub to meet up with Mark, who just got back from Colorado.

Oh yeah!

Need I say more?

Then, 2 lovely people from Canada joined us as we drank Jameson and got acquainted.


Plans: Let’s get together before you leave for Ontario.

Next Thursday:  We will meet again, to dine at the famous winery.

What a great time we had.

Can’t wait to experience the rest of this weekend!




Anticipation of a fabulously crazy weekend

I hadn’t intended to stop tonight.

But I did.

A few of the regulars were there.

And it looked like it was going to be a quiet evening.

Then the pig got slaughtered and I got a pound of fresh bacon.


Fresh bacon.

Is that an oxymoron?

Ok, so I will have a double, take my bacon and go home.


After 2 doubles, I played a few games on my cell phone, and was ready to leave.

Well, then, Jimmy showed up.

And then?

Chris and Christine.

And me?

Give me one more, for the road.

Sorry, kids, but I will not be around for the weekend.

Going to Nirvana, with the birthday girl.

I love a long, lost weekend, where anonymity rules.

The Cx Butt will be on top of the world….. World Trade, that is.

And hanging with the tourists in Times Square.

Sometimes, it is the ultimate vacation:  3 days in NYC, acting like a complete idiot.

My thoughts?

Girl, we couldn’t get much higher.

Life is a hoot.

NYC is crazy.

And I think I just might be crazier than NYC.

Can’t wait…..



3 independent creatures, who depend on one another

Talk all day.


When it is over?

Talk again.


Come home at 7pm.

2 cats waiting.

Try to talk to them.


Feed me.

Brush me.

Let me the heck out.

Is this home sweet home?

2 cats who give me that “look” when I come up the stairs.

2 cats who act like they are the reason for my existence.

How dare I go to work every day?

How awful that I do not hang around, to let them out and in and out and in, as the day progresses.

And feed them when they demand food.

Oh well.

I could give in, quit my job, devote my life to the Puff and Oh Wow, and then…

When it is time to cut their nails?

Oh yeah.

Like last night.


A 5 lb cat, going bananas, scratching and clawing, frantically trying to escape from the jaws of the clipper.


Today, I am a wounded soldier.

And Puff?

She no longer sticks to every rug, carrying those rugs behind her.

Is she happy?

I really never know.

I think she might be…… when I feed her.

Nothing has changed.

We have a love/hate relationship.

I try to talk to them.

Oh Wow stands by the door.

Puff goes to sleep.

What a life.


They are.

And I am.

And that is why the 3 of us click.

We are ok with one another….. whatever we decide to do….. as long as we have our naps, our treats and our fancy feast, and I?

Tito’s please.

And make it a double.



The best reality show is playing in your neighborhood

I have never seen an episode of Cheers.

I have not watched Frasier, Friends, or Everybody Loves Raymond.

I am not a TV junkie.

I am just a damn table fly, who prefers to meet people, and make my own sit coms.

A reality show for me, is showing up at the local bar for an hour after work, relaxing, having a drink or two, laughing with the regular crowd, and enjoying one another.

These are people who would most likely, would never have been friends, if we hadn’t frequented the same bar,  watched each other in silence, gradually engaging in conversation, and finally looking forward to hearing the latest stories and sharing the laughter of an ordinary Monday night.

We don’t work together, so there is no “work” talk.

We know one another’s first names.

We have our opinions of every one else.

And we are ok with that.

It is a lively scene, with one unspoken rule:  If you want to join us, we are non judgmental.

We are who we are.

And we like to wind down in a neighborhood bar, with friendly people who make us feel comfortable.

After an hour or so, we all go our separate ways.

Until we meet again, sometime later this week, to celebrate another day on this planet:  Living, working, enjoying and relaxing.

Life, to me has so many facets.

However, the most important thing is to make the most of every day.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.

If we wake up tomorrow, to live another day on the planet, remember to treat yourself to whatever makes you happy.

Until then….





Don’t go squeezing my hat’s balls.


That is the word of the day.

From Friday night, to Sunday eve, wild.

Could it be that my personality has changed?

Could it be Satan?

Or am I burning out the day, burning out the night?

Music, friends, wine and mischief..   my kind of weekend.

Doggone, I have a feeling that tomorrow is Monday.

But, like Scarlett O’Hara, I won’t think about that now.


A mind set?

An attitude?

Or just the ability to rise above the radar, to enjoy each moment as a complete idiot.

Hey!  You!  If I ran into you this weekend, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

What a hoot!

Until tomorrow….


Barn dancing at the winery

A great breakfast, with friends, to celebrate Sue’s birthday!

And then?

Oh my!

Shopping, cleaning, chores, picnic?



Dropped by my house, gathered 2 cats and took a nap.

4 hours.


A 4 hour nap.

When I finally woke up, it was 330pm.


I have to be at the winery in an hour.

What a lovely time it was.

Great music, fabulous wines, and wonderful friends.

A love fest.

Reminded me of the 60s.

Do you recall those crazy, hippy, love in days?

It really doesn’t matter.

It was a very special Saturday evening.

And after that?

Sissy Belle and the C. Butt ventured to our watering hole.

Another fabulous weekend adventure.


Life is short.


Live, love and go wild.

All we have is today.

And from what I see, all we have is what we make it.




Sing. Just sing. It is the happiest sound in the world.

I witnessed a love affair tonight.

A man and his music.

He is usually friendly, and cordial, but never “on stage”.


He was the rock star of the juke.

The ultimate 80’s guy.

Started with Sister Christian, hitting all the high notes…

And ending with AC/DC, “Shook me all night long.”

It was a transformational experience, to see one of my friends come alive, embracing what he loves and enjoying himself.

Life is short.

Eat dessert first.

And sing whenever you can.

Way to go Chris!

Shake it!

Indulge in the moment.

Shoot for the moon.

What a treat!

Thanks for the entertaining evening.

It was a perfect ending to a long work week.




Tom Petty has been replaced with a grilled cheese sandwich


How was your day?

Was it everything you dreamed it would be?

Or was it a ridiculous bombastic dud?

For me?

Who cares?


Who cares?

But I do have one thing to say:

If you like grilled cheese, and you like chardonnay.. I have traveled the world in search of the best grilled cheese and found it tonight.

Folino’s estates.


Yes, I have found it.

And I will be back….for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Can you believe it?

It was that amazing.

If you don’t believe me, meet me there …

Any time, any evening.

And we will have the most sumptuous grilled cheese sandwich, oozing with fabulous cheeses and coated in red wine.

Who would have thought it?

I am in love with a grilled cheese sandwich.

I won’t back down.

I will stand my ground.

And I will even give up Tom Petty for that sandwich.


Sorry Tom.

Besides, I am getting a little tired of that last dance with MJ, your free falling, and that last DJ.


Here’s to a cheese sandwich.

Oh my my.

Oh hell yes.

Time to put on my grilled cheese dress.