Have you ever?


Watched a mystery movie and fell asleep just before the story ended when the mystery was revealed?

Said you would go to a party and when the time came, cursed yourself for agreeing?

Stopped for one drink and stopped at one drink?

Ran into someone at the grocery store, couldn’t remember her name, and rather than be embarrassed, took off in another direction?

Sent a blistering email to the wrong person?

Got kicked off a bus for being too loud?

Tried to eat a piece of candy near the lake shore, with seagulls hovering and honing in on the treat, in your mouth?

Walked toward the entrance to work, while a goose was hissing and trying to “goose” you?

Danced your ass off, and your wig fell off?

Forgot you had worn your jeans yesterday, slipped them on, and later, found out, the panties you wore yesterday were dragging behind you?

Tried to dig out of a snow bank, rammed into an even larger snow bank, and vowed to move to Florida, if you ever got out?

Had toilet tissue stuck to your shoe?  In a mall? With hundreds of people laughing?

Got a major case of the giggles when everyone else was serious?

In the middle of a one on one conversation, someone passed gas, and you both pointed at one another?

Had your boss chase you around a pool, naked?  Not me.  Him.  hahahah

Life is full of the crazies, resulting in raucous laughter, and realizing that we are all human, and we put our socks on one at a time.

Or do we?

Until tomorrow……








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