Have you ever had every intention of doing something and when you encountered temptation…. well, so much for that.

It happened to me tonight.

A Wednesday evening:  bright, sunny, yet cool, to the point where I just had to wear my Minnie Mouse hat.

No, I did not pass the bar.

It was only because I knew the Oh Wow cat and Puff Daddy were home, safe and sound.

You see, this morning, I took off for work, and had second doubts.

Hmmmm.   Windy and cold today.

Oh Wow is out.

I turned around and drove back home.

I was going to wait there until that OW cat showed up.

He did.

And I hauled his #%#%#%@ indoors.

And sped off, feeling smug, content and letting all my worries go up in smoke.

If only I had had a joint.

Ok, so moving right along…

It was a great evening.

Christine, Chris, Chris, Bryan, Scott and Jimmy were there…. along with Colleen.

It was a Wednesday night, with the regulars.

And as always, a blast.

My face hurts from laughing.

Have you ever had a collective neighborhood family, enjoying one another’s company, whenever they got together?

Tonight was one of those nights.

Come to think of it, they all are like this.

Each one of us, who just happened to meet several months ago,  and who have developed relationships, with one another.

All so different.


But somehow we click.

And we have one common theme:  We enjoy our time together.

Stay tuned.

Until tomorrow,




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