A drunk old lady walks into a bar.

The bar is crowded.

Mostly kids, in their 20s.

The Oldie is carrying a horse’s head with her…. and talking to it.

She asks the kids if they have ever had their weasels popped.

The boys act like they do not know what a weasel is.

Old lady, who I will now refer to as OL, orders a Jameson, while singing, “A penny for a spool of thread….”

The boys think this OL is nuts, but they seem curious.

“What is a weasel?” they ask.

OL says:  Oh my my, oh hell yes, time to put on my weasel dress.

The boys of summer are laughing, but at a loss.

OL has at least 40 years on all these kids.

She lets them know she is still working:  as a glue sniffer during the day, and a pole dancer, at night.

They laugh, drink and toast to the generations!

Who says the baby boomers can’t connect with the x gen.  or the Y gen?

If anything, we all have one thing in common:

No one really knows how to pop their weasel.

Until tomorrow,





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