Not sure if you see things the way I do, but if you do….

I was thinking about Donnie and Marie Osmond.

2 little kids.


Maybe 7 or 8 years old.

And then!


Time has a way of moving on, while my mind still pictures them as kids…. along with the Jackson 5.

Oh Michael:  I still see you singing and dancing to Billie Jean.  Absolutely forever etched in my mind.

The Stones?

What the hell happened?

They always were the bad boys, the wild boys, but at 75?   Hey, guys, I prefer not to see you perform now.

Getting old is ok, I guess.

But for rock bands?

Not exactly enticing.

The only old guy I would like to see is Tony Bennett.

But then, Tony has always been old.


It’s not that I don’t like old people.


No, I don’t like old people who get all cranky and crabby and needy.

If and when I get to that point:  Will someone please take me out back and shoot me?

For now, I watch Andy Griffith and Barney, back in the day, in Mayberry.

They will always be in Mayberry, in my mind.

When my school reunion comes up, I just can’t go.

I want to remember those kids as they were, once upon a time.

As for me?

Yes, I do get more fabulous as the years pass by.

I look in the mirror and think:  Oh No!!  What the hell happened to me?

But it’s ok.

Getting old doesn’t have to mean getting cranky, crabby and cantankerous.

I prefer to have a good time, wherever and whatever I do.

I guess I am more like Elwood P Dowd every day.

Hey Harvey!

Let’s go have a drink at Charlie’s.  Same time, same table, same delusion.




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