Hello everyone.

It is a cool Tuesday evening.

I worked all day, as I would guess most of you did.

And it had its ups and downs.

2 conference calls.

One I hosted.

All sweetness and light.

The next?


I was a “guest.”

I think I was designated to be the spokesperson in a future meeting.

Hey, guys!

Let’s talk.

Don’t think for one minute, that I will take on the  leading role nor the responsibility of your team.

I would like to ask you:

What have you done to support me?

I am looking to you for your “enterprise” ship of the future.

What is your vision?

Your mission?

Don’t confuse me with sales.

But if I was,

Well, I would be out there garnering support, establishing partnerships and growing the core business.

For now, I find it amusing, that you think I have the answers.

I am not the star ship enterprise, but maybe I should be.

Yes, I am getting up there, aging…. but aren’t all of us?

Does anyone really care if you are 20 or 49 or 77, if you can bring ideas and solutions to the table, to reduce costs, increase sales and improve the bottom line?

Oh well… such is life.

Short time profits vs long term relationships and growth.

It  all depends on the leadership.

Today, Tuesday, a cool day in Pennsylvania.

Another opportunity to work together to collaborate, discuss and decide on a plan that will bring success for our partners and for us.

I think we may have blown it.

I hope not.



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