A non spectacular Friday…..

Until a fire cracker lit up my ass and carried me to the craziest bar ever.

People who have absolutely no connection with one another enjoyed a few hours with one another.

No matter who walked into the joint, the crazy chicken butt lady sat on her perch, laid a few eggs, and welcomed everyone who entered the inner sanctuary.

It appears to be a personal problem:  You see, this chicken butt knows no boundaries.

She does not care if you are 20, 90 or 4.

She is crazy about all of you.

And for the most part, with the exception of Steven, who finally slinked out of the joint, with his pizza in hand, it was a lovely hour or two.

Listen to her crazy lingo:

“Hey!  What you doing tomorrow?  1pm?  Want to join Sissy Bell and the C. Butt for a lovely trip to the Blue Mountain Winery?”

Ok, so no one bit.

It really doesn’t matter.

Chx B. had her 3rd OJ and V, doubles of course, and suddenly announced that she was a slight bit tipsy.

Over the river and through the woods, the Cx B turned up the radio, listened to “There’s something in the air”  and arrived at home base before 730pm.

I recalled the days of my youth, when I would not wander home til midnight.

AH!  But I was much older then.

I’m younger than that now.

Enjoy the weekend!




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