Happy Mother’s day to the mother of all mothers.

That is what the boys said when I walked in the bar for my usual Sunday morning breakfast:  OJ and vodka.

Being the ultimate mother, I decided to have 2 doubles this morning, in honor of all the mothers out there.

Moving right along, Chicken Marsala at Specs!



Ran into a woman with a large and a small eye, and her husband, whose eyes are damn near perfect.

After dinner, a rum and mint and something pink drink.

Too sweet.

Came home to find my two children ready to eat again, Puff Daddy and Oh Wow.

They love their groceries.

Sundays are such a delight.

Yes, I know tomorrow is Monday.

But Sundays would not be so wonderful if there were no Mondays.

And Mondays would not be so miserable if I was a free bird, a free spirit, or just free.

This week, my resolution is to plan my escape.

And to make it happen.





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