Oh yeah.

Another day.


Let’s look back.

What do you remember about today?

Were those memories something you can tuck away into your p brain and call upon when you need a boost?

Was it a good day, to reflect on, when you write your memoirs?

Did today make a difference in your life?

My take?

It was an ordinary day, in the life of an extraordinary person.

The vibes with others was dynamic.

I would have to say that we enjoyed a fabulous experience, as we laughed our way through the abyss.


Cait presented me with a treasure I will always cherish:

A photo, of two crazy rabbits, framed forever, in a moment of joy and happiness.

For me?

The best present ever.

Two silly rabbits, who take on an adventure every weekend.

But more importantly, two silly rabbits, who admire, love and cherish that girl.

Cheers to our Cait.

As Pattie has said, “if I had a daughter, I would want her to be like you.”

Cait?  We love you.

And we believe in you.

Never change.

I hope some day, you will realize that you do make the difference, in so many lives.

You have made that difference for me.


Love you Cait!




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