Humping through the day….. waiting for the final bell… hoping I was up to the challenge.

No, I was not running a marathon.

No, I did not have any plans.

I just wanted to hang out with friends and enjoy the ambience.

Oh wait!

Sally was here.

She flipped out.

She lost her dog, her phone and her wallet.

But…. she found her cowgirl hat.

And she took off in a crazed moment, as a rocket woman burning out her fuse out there alone.

No, we never did find Princie.

But when she left, we felt there was something in the air;

Was it the revolution?

Yeah, you know it’s true.

Our new found friends, Doug and Jeff?  Out of here, tomorrow.

Never to be seen again?

Or have they found the key to happiness?

The regulars at Demarcos…..

Oh yes.

We have a great time, and we welcome all new comers.

And we are completely, utterly, fantastically, out of control.

Best wishes, Doug and Jeff.

We will miss you.

But… before you leave…. can you return Sally’s phone, her wallet and Princie to her?






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