How was your day?

Was it everything you dreamed it would be?

Or was it a ridiculous bombastic dud?

For me?

Who cares?


Who cares?

But I do have one thing to say:

If you like grilled cheese, and you like chardonnay.. I have traveled the world in search of the best grilled cheese and found it tonight.

Folino’s estates.


Yes, I have found it.

And I will be back….for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Can you believe it?

It was that amazing.

If you don’t believe me, meet me there …

Any time, any evening.

And we will have the most sumptuous grilled cheese sandwich, oozing with fabulous cheeses and coated in red wine.

Who would have thought it?

I am in love with a grilled cheese sandwich.

I won’t back down.

I will stand my ground.

And I will even give up Tom Petty for that sandwich.


Sorry Tom.

Besides, I am getting a little tired of that last dance with MJ, your free falling, and that last DJ.


Here’s to a cheese sandwich.

Oh my my.

Oh hell yes.

Time to put on my grilled cheese dress.




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