A great breakfast, with friends, to celebrate Sue’s birthday!

And then?

Oh my!

Shopping, cleaning, chores, picnic?



Dropped by my house, gathered 2 cats and took a nap.

4 hours.


A 4 hour nap.

When I finally woke up, it was 330pm.


I have to be at the winery in an hour.

What a lovely time it was.

Great music, fabulous wines, and wonderful friends.

A love fest.

Reminded me of the 60s.

Do you recall those crazy, hippy, love in days?

It really doesn’t matter.

It was a very special Saturday evening.

And after that?

Sissy Belle and the C. Butt ventured to our watering hole.

Another fabulous weekend adventure.


Life is short.


Live, love and go wild.

All we have is today.

And from what I see, all we have is what we make it.





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