I hadn’t intended to stop tonight.

But I did.

A few of the regulars were there.

And it looked like it was going to be a quiet evening.

Then the pig got slaughtered and I got a pound of fresh bacon.


Fresh bacon.

Is that an oxymoron?

Ok, so I will have a double, take my bacon and go home.


After 2 doubles, I played a few games on my cell phone, and was ready to leave.

Well, then, Jimmy showed up.

And then?

Chris and Christine.

And me?

Give me one more, for the road.

Sorry, kids, but I will not be around for the weekend.

Going to Nirvana, with the birthday girl.

I love a long, lost weekend, where anonymity rules.

The Cx Butt will be on top of the world….. World Trade, that is.

And hanging with the tourists in Times Square.

Sometimes, it is the ultimate vacation:  3 days in NYC, acting like a complete idiot.

My thoughts?

Girl, we couldn’t get much higher.

Life is a hoot.

NYC is crazy.

And I think I just might be crazier than NYC.

Can’t wait…..




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