A lovely thing happened this morning.

I woke up.


After 12 hours of sleep with 2 cats who invaded my space, along with nightmare after nightmare, I finally got the heck out of bed.

Those nightmares:  way too real.

My own reality show.

I thought about those dreams all day.

And finally, after a night cap or two, my mind has come to grips with my need to move on, to leave those dreams  in the black hole, waiting until the Chicken Butt has another night with those aliens who live with me.

Yes, cats are aliens.

I cannot have a day or night, when I don’t think about them.

Oh no!  A thunder storm.

They will be traumatized.

Oh no, the temps are soaring to 90 degrees.

They will be cats on a hot tin roof.

Oh no.

I stopped for a few drinks.

They will be hungry, starving, waiting for me to open those cans of liver and chicken.

And as soon as I feed them, one goes out.

The other goes to sleep.


So who is in charge here?

The servant becomes the master.

As what’s his name said….. oh yeah, Sting:

I’ll be wrapped around your finger.. or paw… or claw.


I am home.

And for tonight, we are together…

Well…. almost.

Oh Wow is out prowling around.

You know I won’t go to bed, til that beast is staring at me in the front window.

It’s ok.

I will pop open another brew.

And hope I wake up tomorrow…. to do it again.




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