Great balls of fire.

How often do we meet new friends that click, exchange names, and meet a week later for dinner?



Such a great couple from our Northern neighbor, Canada.

Not to mention, one heck of a cutie wootie. their new prime minister.

Well, Sissy Belle, Chicken Butt, Lou and Bob were enjoying a warm evening on the deck of the winery, and moved inside to have dinner, along with a few more glasses of wine.

And then:  Dum De Dum Dum!

Oh E Oh.

Oh E Oh.

The tide has turned, and our little 4 some was intimidated by the wicked witch of the winery, who said we had had our limit of wine.

3 glasses?

And the glasses were not exactly full.  More like 3 ounces in each glass.

So…. the 4 of us looked at one another, pushed away our food, asked the waitress to cancel that last glass of wine, and took the matter up with the management.

However, the management proved to be obnoxious, and non responsive.

Such a beautiful winery, with a mismanaged staff.

4 seniors, enjoying dinner, laughing and ready to enjoy an after dinner drink…

In a New York minute, the mood changed.

Our dinner was a night to remember:  the night we got black balled from Folinos.

After the initial shock, we headed for our neighborhood bar, made plans for next Thursday, exchanged face book invites, and looked forward to our next meeting.

I believe the reviews that the winery will be seeing on their website will not be very positive.

However, it may not be enough to make any difference.

Things will be the same, most likely.

Only one thing is certain:

There are 4 people who will not be stopping by for dinner, any time soon.

…..Or any time at all.





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