Another work week whizzed by.

What did I accomplish, if anything?

What is it that permeates my thoughts tonight?

How about the top 10 things on my list?

The events or issues that are stuck in my head, like Pink Floyd’s lunatic on the grass:

  1.  Life handed me some lemons, and I did not make lemonade:  I merely chalked it up to another wild experience.
  2. My friends and coworkers were awesome.  What would I do without them?
  3. My laugh is getting me into trouble, but I can’t help it.  I am an idiot.
  4. Puff Daddy is still alive, hanging on to life courageously.
  5. Fighting battles is tiring.  I would rather find a peaceful solution.
  6. Feast or famine:  Be careful what you ask for.  I have had both this week, and I am not sure which I prefer.
  7. Saying “No” is not as difficult as one would think.
  8. Sometimes a holiday is an opportunity to indulge one’s self in solitude and rejuvenation.
  9. A good book took me away on a magic carpet ride in a far away land, without leaving my house.
  10. The spring is a wonderful season, if you take the time to observe the amazing changes that occur in your backyard.

And so. with that said, I think I will take it easy this weekend.

But don’t count on it.




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