Who is the craziest person you know?

What is it that separates that person from the norm?

Check out this 10 point scale….. to determine if you, are, in fact, one of those crazies.

  1.  Does not care, nor cater, to those in authority.
  2. Prefers to mingle with strangers who ultimately become friends.
  3. Vacation?  Please!  No preplanned agenda.  Flying by the seat of one’s pants is far superior.
  4. Has a wild sense of humor and laughs til it hurts.
  5. Thinks everyone in the world is important, and can’t wait for them to tell their stories.
  6. Loves to dance…. even when there is no music.
  7. Will go on adventures with you.
  8. Loves animals.
  9. Greets everyone with a warm smile.
  10. Acts goofy, just because.


Or just a hoot?

You decide.




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