Day at work.

Some days are like that.

Tackle one issue…. another pops up, like the literal weasel.

Or is it the virtual weasel?

Or is it just weasel piss?

At the end of the work day, it felt good to hang out sipping a glass of wine in one of my favorite establishments.

Since our guests did not show up, Sissy Belle and I were ushered into the back room, where the Chx B used to hang out in days gone by, as the God Mother.

Now, that is another story.

And after the French onion soup arrived, so did Bob and Lou!

Another wonderful evening, dining, drinking, yakking and just relaxing.

And then, on to the neighborhood bar for a night cap.

Home now.

Plans made for next Thursday.

A great evening of story telling and laughter.

I really like my new friends.


See you next week at the RV park, for a glass of cab sav.

And then, up to Stony Run for German food.

Until then, everyone, have a lovely weekend!




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