Be honest:  Do you like going to the dentist?

Do you like opening your mouth for an hour or two, while your teeth are scraped and chiseled, while bleeding?

Do you like paying for this procedure?

A torturous experience, with the hygienist, who admonishes you for having less than perfect teeth?


If I had perfect teeth, would I be here?

A word of caution, today;  Do not eat anything crunchy for at least 4 hours.  Do not brush your teeth until bed time.  Do not worry that the procedure made your mouth feel strange, coated and less than normal.

And for your next appointment?

It will last at least 2 hours, while 2 or 3 teeth are extracted, to prepare you for the bridge.

Bridge?  What bridge?

Over troubled waters?

And oh, yeah, your insurance is a joke.

Cough up 3 grand and we have a deal.

Just be aware: You will have a temporary bridge, for at least 3 weeks, if  your gums heal.

If not?

Well, looks like you are in for the long haul.

By the way, you lost a crown.

What happened to it?

My response:  I ate it.

No @$!@#%#5!

No wonder I drink.




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