In a few weeks, Pat, is retiring.

I try to imagine work life without her.

She has been my scape goat, confidante and a formidable influence in my life, for the past several years.

Yes, I love to tease her.

I try to rile her up, just for the hell of it.

She is such a devoted worker, mother, wife, sister, grand mother and friend.

One in a million?


A selfless woman, who loves her family, her pets and her friends.

She is a care taker, strong as an iron …. cupcake.

Yes, she has tremendous responsibility and gladly takes it on….. but she does not know her breaking point.

I wonder if her family understands the sacrifices she makes, daily, for them, and for all of us.

Retirement may just be what she needs now.

She has great kids and grand kids.

She has a wonderful relationship with her mother, who is, like Pat, an amazing woman.

Her reputation at work is spotless:  She is thorough, dedicated and responsible.

She and her husband need time to do a little relaxing, traveling, going to concerts and spoiling the cats.

It is time to take it easy, Pat.

Yeah, I will miss you.

We all will.

My best wishes for your future.

You can be proud of your  many accomplishments.

I feel privileged to call you my friend.

I think we will keep in touch.

You rock, Pat!





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