What a Saturday!

Up at 6am.

Cracker Barrel with the Breakfast club.

Off to the winery.

Yes, we got lost.

But what a lovely surprise when we got there.

Fabulous place.

Good wine.

Great friends.

Lunch at Hops!

Shrimp and crab bisque, with a Caesar Salad.  Divine.

Next stop:  Game preserve:  Oh yeah, deer, buffalo, reindeer, and gorgeous scenery.

And away we go to LongTrout winery.

Oh my my.

Oh hell yes.

I am a hippie without a dress.

Great fun.

Met new friends.

A crazy afternoon, in the hills of Pennsylvania.

Everyone should experience the back roads and wineries of this unbelievably beautiful state.

Tired now.

Cats are hungry.

Time to head home, to find some quiet time.

Even the Chicken Butt has her limits.

Goodnight, all.






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