We hardly got to know you.

You are so charming.

And entertaining, of course.

We loved you from the start.

The first day you started working with us, we fell in love.

With you.

10 reasons why:

  1.  Your smile.
  2. Your sense of humor.
  3. The way you made us feel.
  4. The enthusiasm.
  5. Those twinkling eyes.
  6. Your ability to win over even the most skeptical.
  7. Your Mama’s cooking.
  8. The support and caring you have shown us.
  9. Positivity!  It’s fun to be around you.
  10. Your potential.

We can’t say goodbye.

We will never say goodbye.

Now that you are in our lives, you will remain there forever.

We love you Chewy.

Our best wishes for you, in your new endeavor.


Wolf and friends.



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