I thought today was Friday.

Doggone it.

It wasn’t.

However, tomorrow is Friday.

Ain’t that spectacular?

Pat has another week left before she retires.


Scottie goes on vacation next week.


Chewy is leaving tomorrow.


I am still an idiot.


I will be toothless on Tuesday.


Looks like I better live it up this weekend!


Can you imagine?

A liquid diet for 6 weeks?

Oh yeah!

My insurance company called today.

They cut my home insurance from $1400 to $600!


I am ready to buy a  few cases of RedBreast.

Just kidding.

I can’t handle RedBreast, unless of course, I am in Times Square, free falling.

So, let’s agree to this:

No birthday this year.

I am old enough.

I don’t want a cake.

I don’t want a party.

I prefer to let this birthday slip slide away.

I ain’t up for it.

Come on.

Would you be?

Let’s just pretend that I am 200 years old, living life in Pennsy, as a woman Buddha.

My mantra for you:

Go for whatever it is that makes you happy.

And don’t forget to invite me.





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