That is what the alarm does to a crazed woman who is nursing a hang over.

An hour later, 2 more alarms blaring, walking on me and crying “oh wow” and “err err errr errr err.”


What the hell.

Now it is 930.

Phone rings.

Oh oh.

I checked my dance card.


Appointment at 930am, with Carol and Patti.


Well, I blew that off.

I rolled over in pain.

What now?

Oh yeah.

It was raining when I left last night and I slipped on the damn cement stairs.

Geez, my hind end is sore.

Finally, 1030am, the Chx Butt rises from the ashes.

And plays games on the internet.

What a ridiculous waste of time.


I love it.

Several hours later, after a few bottles of fortification, I am back on my game.

I know I am back, when Chris and Christine wave to me, from across the bar, singing “Born on the Bayou.”

An alarm rings in my head.

The festival.

What the hell?

I better get going.

As I was driving back home, to check on Oh Wow and P Daddy, what did I see but 3 musketeers walking over to the bar.

Oh no you don’t.

I need my beauty rest.

Besides, I just met Nikkie and John, and they are gonna adopt me.


I love weekends.




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