Happening today:

Took meds for pain and slept half the day away.

Realized that fake teeth, aka temporary bridge, is not fun.

Finalized dinner plans with Bob, Lou, Carol and SissyBelle.

Had a wonderful time, laughing and sharing stories.

Glenn and Bill showed up and we had a going away party.

Carol off to Florida, Bob and Lou, Off to Canada, RVing, Glenn, off to Washington and Oregon.

I will miss all of them.

So much fun to hang out and just be silly.

Had a lovely senior citizen dinner of mashed potatoes, shredded chicken and corn.

I cannot believe that I will have to eat like this for the next month or so, with these goofy teeth.

Heading to bed early, before the Oh Wow cat starts crying to go out again.

Found out the secret to a happy life:  A spanx.






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