I felt like something was missing today.

My teeth, maybe?

Yeah, that, but something else was gnawing away at my soul.

An empty feeling.

Too many losses, in such a short time.

I felt the need to connect with special people, who have moved on to another phase of life.

Too late, I said.

They were here, with you, but they have lived their lives, and are at peace.

You, on the other hand, are still here, carrying on with daily life, meeting and making new friends, who, all too soon, will leave you as well.

Life is mostly about saying hello and goodbye.

The in between stuff comes and goes so quickly.

Today, I really tried to focus on every minute, every person, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

I just could not concentrate.

My heart was heavy, with the loss of so many loved ones this past year.

I like the “hello” part of life a whole lot better than the “goodbyes.”

I am sure this melancholy feeling is fleeting.

It was that kind of day:  A lonely aching feeling, yearning for those loved ones who have passed on.

It’s ok.

Life is like that.

Reflection includes sorrow as well as joy.

One could not exist without the other.





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