Sleeping with the enemy: Those 2 nut ball cats

Confession:  I slept til 7am, went back to bed at 10am and slept til 130pm.

Now, is that a certain sign of old age or what?

Am I finally on the phase of the “winter” chicken, where a normal life is reverting back to the womb?

Have I lived beyond all usefulness?

Am I wasting away?  In Margaritaville?

It was the Greek God’s birthday today.

He took his lovely wife, Jane, and me to dinner.

We ran into Lily Munster and Superman, among many other celebrities.

I had 2 tails.

Charles Dickens would have been proud.

After dinner, we gathered around the watering hole.

Hey those tails made me quite parched.

Thanks Ray.

It was a lovely dinner,….. and evening.

Maybe tomorrow I will do something productive.

But don’t count on it.

My days are numbered.

Besides, Sundays are a day of rest.

I love illogical thinking.



A Friday night to be remembered

Geez, what a long day.

I wonder:  Was this the longest day of the year?

Well, if not, it sure seemed like it….. from 730 am til 5pm.

A day, at work, when all systems went on hiatus.

A day when the physical inventory needed to be captured.

And it made for an unusually quiet day.

It taught me a lesson:  A busy, wild, normal day is far superior to the laid back day of limited activity.

Maybe I am predisposed to the multi tasking, real time, immediate issues and problems that surface on a regular basis.

I have forgotten how to cope when there is no frenzy, no crisis, no fire drills.

When I left work, I decided to kick back, alone, quietly, with a glass of wine, at my fav watering hole.

So much for that.

4 hours later, I am finally  home, after a raucous, wildly funny and ridiculous craziness with the fabulous Friday night friends who gathered together, to toast to another week of living.

I always know when I have had a marvelous time:  My ribs hurt from laughing.  My face is frozen in a wildly wicked smile, and I am half loaded……. or maybe slightly over half.

Hey, Ray!  Happy “B Day!

Hey, Glenn!  Happy B Day.

Hey Mark:  Love it when you hang with us, way past your curfew.

Hey Gina and Sissy:  Way too cute, both of you.

Justin?  Zhane?  Austin? Bill?  Oh who knows how many of these guys are chomping at the bit to marry me.


I love being a goof.

Cheers everyone!

It is the end of July.

The summer is going way too fast, for me.

My wish for my cyber friends?

Enjoy this Friday night, July 28, 2017.

Life is either a daring adventure…. or it is nothing.

Helen Keller said that.

What an inspiration!

Good night!



Reminiscing, randomly.


These things I miss….. about Jim.

  1.  Laughing….. at nothing and everything.  Just being silly.  Like the first time we went to the Poconos, drinking Grizzlys at 10am.  The phone rang.  Jim answered.  He said it was a woman, Mrs. McGillicudy. She was reporting off from work. Wrong number, of course, but Jim?  He said: “Hey Hon, it’s ok, take the week off.”

2,    We went to a fancy restaurant for dinner.  There was a band playing. I did not know Jim had been playing in a band for years.  We danced. He said, “What a great band.!”  It wasn’t.  We laughed our asses off.

3. We had a date:  to meet in High Bridge, NJ., to feed the ducks.  Yes, the ducks. It started to rain…… and it poured.  We were both soaked.  He took me to meet his sister, looking like drowned rats.  Zig greeted us like we were royalty.  What a great time.

4,  We got married in Maryland, in our jeans.  We heard a dog barking.  Jim said it was Mr Bojangle’s dog.  I think it was the hound dog barking on the bayou, chasing down a hoo doo there.

5.  Jim’s brother, Greg, His wife Diane, Ziggy, his sis, and Harry, her husband, would come up to see us on the holidays. What a crazy time. The laughter was outrageous.  And mostly, because Jim was a complete asshole.

6.  We went on many adventures together, and wherever we went, people were drawn to Jim. He was charismatic, funny and likeable, but as I recall, it was not all fun and games.

7. The boy had a dark side.  And when that side appeared, I disappeared.  I never knew what it was that caused it to surface, but in the last few years of his life, I never saw that side again.

8.  Jim was talented, in many ways;  He loved his music, was a great drummer, enjoyed gardening, reading Laura Ingels Wilder books, and catered to his cats.

9.  When the illness set in, he never complained.  He was grateful for everything I did for him.  He just wanted to be home, at peace, with his cats.

10.  Now that he is gone, I forget sometimes.  I talk to him, or wake up after a dream, and think that I hear him saying:  “Hey, can you bring me home some licorice?”

Here I am, reminiscing.

It’s good.

Memories are good, always with us.

Like a tiny dancer, in my hand.



A respite on a Wednesday night.

On a normal day/night I would welcome a few hours with the regulars at “Cheers.”


Well, not tonight.

There was something in the air…..

The revolution?

Geez  how I love that song.

Getting back to the night, I drove past Cheers, and landed at another planet.

Did not really intermingle.

Just kicked back, had a few doubles, called a great friend on the phone, and toasted to the success of our accomplishment.

On the way out, ran into G and G.  Such a lovely couple.  I wish they would remarry.  There is something magical about those 2, when they are together.

I love this planet:  If I want to socialize…. it is there.

If I want to isolate myself into a corner, I can.

There is something about this place that makes me feel at home.

I guess it is the revolution…. something in the air.

Ok, enough of the old hippie stuff.

It just feels good to be myself, whatever that might be, on any given night.

Life’s clock:  It ticks.

It moves along, whether you are happy or sad, enjoying or miserable.

The difference?


Take the time and space you need, when you need it.

And when you don’t, give it hell.

My philosophy:  Life is short. It is meant to be enjoyed.  No matter what you do, make sure it is something that will make you feel good.

Enjoy those you know and love, and the strangers you meet today.

Tomorrow, they may be those you know and love.




Pass on that one.

Tonight, the guys at the bar passed around a photo of a lovely lady.

She sent her picture to one of them on

They all said the same thing:

“Pass on that one.”

Being the only female bar fly, who hangs with these fellas, I asked, “Why?”

The responses were all the same:

“Buck teeth and funny eyes.”

Knowing what I know after many years of living on this lovely planet, I asked an obvious question:

“Are you judging her on her looks?  If you got to know her, she might be a fantastic person.”

“No”, they said:  “We just can’t get around those eyes and teeth.”

Now, I am not saying these guys are the most attractive guys in the world, but, I learned a lesson tonight.

Looks are what the guys want.

It doesn’t matter what they look like.

In their minds, they deserve a gorgeous woman.

I did a quick survey of these picky guys:

Out of the 5 guys…

  1. Divorced. A real goof.  Doesn’t have the ability to interact on an intellectual level with a woman, man or child.
  2. Divorced:  Lives with someone, but wishes he didn’t.
  3. Divorced.  Has a younger girl friend.  Brags about that.  Travels for his job.  Is only home a night or two every week.  Ok.
  4. Married.  Has fun at the bar when he comes in alone, but when “the wife” is with him, a real drag.
  5. Unknown. By that, I mean, he could be married, but it is highly doubtful.  Woof Woof.  A dog, if you know what I mean.  If he thinks he should be judging anyone on their looks, well, he is not only delusional, he is crazy.

Now, for me?

I like all of these guys.

Not for their looks.

Not for their appeal.

I like people…. all kinds of people.

And I don’t give a rat’s ass what they think about me.

I accept them for what they are.

But tonight, I think I may have captured and understood  that alpha male ego, after seeing their reaction to a photograph.

Oh my my.


Buck teeth?

Funny eyes?

Hey guys!

You should be so lucky.






4 horsewomen

It seems that whenever the fab 4 get together after hours, the weather gets wild.

I guess it goes with the territory.

The rain was really ridiculous.

Out of control.

But it did not slow down the four horsewomen of the apocalypse one teensy bit.

The more it rained, the more we ate and drank and laughed and let it all hang out.

Yes, Pat tried to convince us that her cat is really the world’s largest squirrel.

She certainly has changed since she retired.

Sleeping late, looking relaxed and at least 10 years younger already.

It was great to see her, and to have dinner with her.

When the rain subsided, the crazies departed, with a few new secrets:

Just a few hints:

Bridal dresses, pastors and a roving eye.

Secrets remain just that.

Our lips are sealed.

Well, except when we have a few brewskies, margaritas and that pink thing that Pat likes.

Until next month,

Save a horse, ride a cowboy.





There is a cat in my house. He controls me.

What a softie I am.

Got up early, to get ready for a day’s trip to the casino, and let the Oh Wow cat out.

Time to go.

No Oh Wow.

I just did not have it in my heart to leave that goofy cat out all day in the heat.

Maybe he knew it was not my lucky day, and he decided to keep me at home.

Yes, I stayed home.

Was it productive?

Hell no.

Although I did manage to drink a few cold beers, to settle my nerves.

It’s cloudy now, so time to relax on the deck.



So, in the house I come, to do my dreaded daily routine of teeth whitening.

Why on earth do I get into these ridiculous rituals?

Who gives a %5@##%@ if my teeth all match?

I just want my permanent bridge so I can chow down on a juicy burger.

I think the rain made the humidity soar even higher.

I am going out on the deck, in my pjs, with my whitening kit in my mouth, hoping I will get drenched and cool off.

Later, Gators.





Anticipating the end of the work week….

What is so special about a Friday?


It’s the last work day of the week for most of us.

And we tend to glorify its existence.

Weekend plans looming.

A few days to kick back, to do whatever it is that makes you happy.


It is hot as hell around here.

The cats have plenty of food.

I need to clean, but I also need to decide if I want to kick back, enjoy, or just go wild.

Wild it is.

How about a nice trip to the casino?

I really need to cater to my inner cravings.

At my age, I prefer to work all week, give it hell and then, on the weekend, to indulge in whatever gives me pleasure.

Setting the clock for 5am.

Oh yeah!

An early Saturday to grab a quick breakfast, to hop on over to the casino, to enjoy a day of gaming and finally to come home in the afternoon, to spend the rest of the day with Oh Wow and P. Daddy.

Oh by the way, tonight?

Tim?  You surprised me.

The Armidillos Band?


What a small world.

I know Jimbo enjoyed the nights you guys were on stage, watching Timmy on the drums.

After all, he gave him his first drum lesson.

Oh life!

All of that has passed.

But some of us are still here.


Let’s just enjoy one another, whoever or whatever we are.

What a hoot it is, to be able to connect with those who make us happy and laugh.

I had a wonderful day.


It’s all what you make it.






Pain Management

Sinus problems?  Ear problems?  In the middle of summer?


Could not even make it out of bed yesterday.


I decided to face the enemy and go with it.

After all, pain management is not always a pill.

It is mind control.

Yeah,  I don’t feel well.

But I have miles to go today, before I sleep, including all the stuff I didn’t do yesterday and another lovely dental appointment.

I really love summer, but secretly, am happy it isn’t always this hot and humid.


Not for me.

Came home after a few glasses of ice and beer with Sissy Belle.

Such a thoughtful person, bringing me home made mac and cheese, to eat with this crazy temporary dental bridge.

Oh Wow was out all day in the heat.

I tried to warn him, but being an alpha male, he didn’t listen.


He is stretched out, sound asleep.

Puff Daddy was lonely today.

She met me in the basement, as I came home.

Oh how I love my little goofy family.

AC is on, in the bedroom.

Come on you two.

Let’s crash.

Until tomorrow,





I wanna know;  Have you ever married someone who had absolutely no passion for you?

And: I wanna know:  Is it better to have loved someone intensely, who would have given up everything, just to be with you, regardless of the consequences?

Or have you found true love, and given it up, because you had children who depend on you

Or maybe you decided that life is all about family.


Some of us just want to be loved.

And some of us just want to love.

It’s ok.

I am not sure if there is perfect love.

It seems that love comes and goes.

A word to the wisdom from the chicken butt: Grab it.

Go for it.

Enjoy it.


And have the happiest moments  that will last forever….in your mind and memory.

In the meantime…. have a glass of wine or two.

And toast to those know what I mean.