Said goodbye today to two very special people.

An emotional day for many of us who work together.

We all knew this day was coming:  Pat’s retirement day, but somehow, it always felt like it was in the future, and not now.

Things happen like that.

We set a date for an event and when that day finally comes, it marks the beginning of a new life and the end of the old.

Congratulations Pat.

As much as I love to tease you, and pretend that you are a PIA, you know I will miss you.

However….. I know where you are.

And you cannot escape me…. not that easy, girl.

For Terry, saying goodbye to him, at his memorial tonight, was heartwarming, yet so very sad and tragic.

We are born to die.

Just not that young.

It was a gathering of his family, friends, and coworkers:  a loving tribute to one of the gentlest soul to have walked among us.

You will be with us forever, in our memories, and will not be forgotten.

As for tomorrow, it will be another day to carry on without Pat and Terry.

I have a feeling that the two of them will be cheering from the sidelines,  wishing us well.

I am honored to have known and worked with both of them.



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