Friday night.

I am usually so tired, I have a drink or two on the way home.

And crash.

Not tonight.

I was completely out of control

Oh yeah!

Met so many people.

Had so many laughs.

It was  a wild scene.

And those young guys!

Oh my my.

Oh hell yes!’

The young generation is wearing a party dress.

Just kidding.

I had a marvelous time, talking to the kids who were not texting.

Who were not checking their emails.

Who were focused on the moment, instead of the IPhone.





Oh and so many more.

Such happy kids.

And there I was, sucking up the ambience and the youthful attitudes.

At 930pm, finally gathered my wits about me, along with my chicken butt clogs   ( a gift from S Belle and Ray)

And ventured home.

Some day, I will grow up.

But don’t count on it.

Life is a hoot.

Live it.

Enjoy it.

Until the next time…..



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