Observations from a slightly crazed perspective:

Nuts in a trail mix are bland as hell.

Never drink on a train.

Don’t wear your prom dress when the boss comes in for a visit.

Even if it is years since your last cig, you will still occasionally feel the urge.

Whatever you packed for lunch looks crappy when it is time to eat.

If you stop for a drink after work, try to maintain some dignity.  (Hehe)

Eat garlic.  You will ward off the vampires….. and every other living or dead creature for at least a day or two.

Turn off the AC on a July night in Pennsylvania, and sweat your ass off,  just for kicks.

Have an old fashioned rootbeer float party.  No, on second thought, make it a margarita party.  Forget the ice cream.  Make mine a double.

Write a blog.  Ok,  on second thought, don’t.  It is a dumb thing to do.  But it can be a hoot when you are half in the bag.

Until tomorrow, kiddies…..




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