I didn’t mean to intrude.

Well, sometimes I just like to be with happy people, even if they look like chipmunks.

Thanks, for the hospitality,  Bucky Beaver.

Oh wait.

It isn’t Bucky.

It is Ace, the hummingbird.

No, it is Bandit, the cat, who misses Shamus.

All righty then.

It’s the blonde bomber and Ray.

Believe me, if you ever need to get your mojo together, and hang out, just to feel good, the P and R show will deliver you to paradise,

With the hostas and the purple flowers and the endless glasses of beer.

I love having an evening where the chicken butt can be it/her self and just chill.

Is tomorrow Friday?

Summertime:  What a wonderful time of year.

Who cares what day it is.

Hope you feel better, Patti.

Oh my my.

Oh hell yes.

You know what?

I am getting tired of Tom Petty.

If he really cared, he would know that Nevada is out of weed.




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