Almost oppressive.

Yes, it was a hhh day, with tornadoes.

Are summer storms comparable to winter storms?

My take?

A blizzard lasts for days.

Oh, it might snow like a SOB for a day, but the aftermath can linger for days.

Where’s my car?

Under a snowbank.

If you live in rural Pennsylvania, you might get out, but then there is the challenge of driving in freezing rain, icy roads and black ice.

In the summer?

A tornado rips through the neighborhood in a matter of minutes, uprooting trees, tearing the shingles off the roof, and sending cows flying into space.

Ok, so move to Puerto Rico.


Until the hurricane season.

Is there a perfect place on this planet?

Don’t count on it.

Life is an adventure.

It is not for the weak nor timid among us.

Oh yeah, we can worry our asses off over what might happen.

And if something does happen, if we are still alive after the event, we somehow manage to rebuild, to renew and to go on.

So tonight, on this hazy, hot, humid day, with a sprinkling of tornadic activity, it appears that I have survived, to face another day.

I hid from my fears, and joined friends at a local bar.

You know, that God protects the infirm and the drunks.

And if you are like me, and happen to be both, well, hello!

Until tomorrow,






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